West Seattle Golf Club Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once you send in your application…what happens?

A: First, we enter you into our secure database, along with your demographic information provided on your application. For new players, this information is shared with our Handicap Chairman, who enters it into the golf course/club computer, which is located just inside and to the left of the front door of the West Seattle Golf Course facility.  It generally takes 2-3 days to process these applications and load them to our club computer.

Q: Once I’m in the West Seattle Golf Club/GHIN computer system…then what?

A: You may find your auto generated Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) number, by use of the Member Search utility on the computer. The system is enabled with touch screen technology, and is quite easy to use. You may verify, and hold as confirmation, a plastic red, white and blue Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) card, and a label that is affixed to this card. Supplies of both of these items should be found atop the computer desk on which the monitor is set. The computer will guide you in your efforts to have a label printed for yourself. I would recommend waiting until after the first Revision Date (typically late-March) to print your label.

Q: How do I establish a USGA handicap?

A: Your handicap will be calculated once 10 scores are entered into the computer system, though it cannot be considered “official” until you have twenty scores entered, and transmitted.

If you have scores from the past year, you may enter these now to begin the process of obtaining a handicap. Please be mindful that scores shot in the Pacific Northwest Golf Region (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska) during the Closed portion of our season, from November 16 through February 28, are not postable scores, due to playing conditions which are not commensurate with the rating, and slope of our courses at that time of year. Active season is March 1 – November 15.

Q: How are scores transmitted to the USGA

A: Our club, along with other clubs in the Washington State Golf Association, will electronically transmit, via a phone line, all member information and scores in March. The WSGA is the governing body of golf in this state, and provides us with the calculation of handicaps, as devised by their parent organization, which is the United States Golf Association, or USGA. This is their primary function along with the many other services provided to golfers. Your handicap, based on scores you have entered prior to 3/25, will be made effective as of the Revision Date. This date is the Friday, following our transmission, or March 28. We will perform these transmissions to the WSGA, every two weeks, for the balance of our season. You will always look to the last Revision Date for your current handicap index, when playing, or competing against other players. Do not play for any stakes without verifying the index of your opponent.

Like to join the West Seattle Golf Club? Click here to sign up online.

West Seattle Golf Course’s original club since 1940, the WSGC is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to organize, run, and promote golf activities for it’s membership.  The club is open to anyone wanting to compete in golf events or wanting to establish a USGA Handicap.

You can also download, print and fill out a membership form and either drop it off in the pro shop or mail it with your check or money order (no cash) payable "West Seattle Golf Club” to:

West Seatle Golf Club
Attention: Treasurer
PMB 545
4742 42nd Ave SW
Seattle, Wa 98116-4553


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